About Us

Danzart Academy has 10 years of experience making great dancers, musicians and actors. We have four competition teams of all ages and have been competing with great results for five years now. We have great top of the line teachers that help achieve our student’s goals each class. Danzart has a high level of dance, music and acting program. Our newest class, aerodanz.
We have great performances at our recitals.
Danzart also offers workshops, travel opportunities, and events so our students become better.

Our main goal is that our students give their best, motivate them, grow their talent and enjoy their class.

Fachada SD

Come to Danzart Academy and recieve a free class

You will find an excellent learning environment where you can make friends. Discipline is one of our greatest lessons, but above all we enjoy seeing the progress of our students and the completion of the class with a big smile. We like to be original in every way possible.



It is a form of dance whose movements are based on the total and absolute control of the body. Invariably involving hands, arms, trunk, head, feet, knees, the whole body in a simultaneous combination of muscular and mental dynamics to be expressed in total harmony of movement.

Hip Hop


Originally from the Bronx, using elements of hip hop: rapping, breakdancing and graffiti with a production of musical backgrounds. It is characterized by freedom of movement, for its few labeled patterns and especially the originality of each dancer.



Dance applying a variety of modern movement, each choreographer implements from their creativity making it unique and different. Basic classical technique is applied with stylized movements full force contractions.



Flamenco is a style of music and dance that originated in Andalusia, Spain. Singing, playing and dancing are the main facets of flamenco. Its footwork, hands and arms are very precise and coordinated.